Content Issue Report Form

The Content Issue Report Form is used for reporting content on an NSS.ORG website that is either a case of copyright infringement or is abusive in nature.

Reporting copyright or intellectual property rights infringement

This form is to be used to report a violation of copyright or intellectual property rights. Such reports can only be accepted from the owner of those rights or their designated agent. If you are not an intellectual property rights owner or their agent, NSS will not be able to process your complaint. Otherwise, use this form to report content that you believe infringes your copyrights. Submitting a claim for copyright infringement is a serious matter involving legal process. NSS takes intellectual property rights very seriously and works to comply with all applicable provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of 1998. NSS will expeditiously remove infringing content once the infringement is verified.

Reporting abusive content

This form is also to be used to report content that appears on an NSS.ORG website which you consider to be either defamatory, libelous, pornographic,  plagaristic. or deceptive.