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Christopher Stone

Christopher Stone is a former member of the National Space Society Board of Directors.

Christopher Stone (B.A., M.A.) is a senior space professional and Flight Commander with the 222nd Command and Control Squadron supporting National Security Space Operations. In his civilian capacity he is Senior Space Analyst (Policy Integration) with the DoD Executive Agent for Space Staff, Pentagon, through Falcon Research, Inc, a space strategic consulting company. He assumed role of corporate Vice President of Falcon Research in 2010.

Stone began his space career when he entered the Air Force in 2004 as a graduate of the University of Missouri. He has served in various assignments, including space policy, strategy, legislative, space operations and international affairs. He has served as a space strategist supporting the Joint Force Air Component Commander (JFACC), Pacific Air Forces as well as serving as Chief of Staff for the Space and Cyberspace Division at Headquarters Air Force-Office of International Affairs. Prior to assuming his current position, Stone was the Space Strategy Planner with the 157th Air Operations Group (PACAF), Missouri Air National Guard supporting the 613th Air and Space Operations Center Strategy Division.

In his civilian career, he has served on the staffs of two United States Senators, Executive Director of a Chamber of Commerce, as a space industrial base, science and technology and future concepts analyst and planner with the National Security Space Office, and National Guard Bureau Secretariat of the Joint Staff and Joint Actions Control Office. A few examples of work regarding American and International space efforts include: Space Export Control Reform, International Space Cooperation Roadmap development, strategic planning and space policy integration across the US Government and space technology roadmaps and concept development.

In addition to his service on the NSS Board of Directors, Chris has been an active member of the Policy Committee of the National Space Society as Secretary and a developer of numerous policy engagement strategies and papers for the furtherance of space power and space development.