Chris Carberry Biography

Chris Carberry is Executive Director of The Mars Society. For several years, he has been the national political director for the Mars Society, for which he has organized congressional outreach efforts around the country; he has spoken to most major presidential candidates during the last several elections. He co-authored space language in the 2000 Republican National Platform, has co-authored Congressional testimony, and has met with high level officials at the White House, NASA and Congress. He was chairman of such congressional lobbying events as the 2007 Space Budget Blitz, the 2007 Moon-Mars Blitz, the 2006 Space Blitz, and the Great 2006 Mars Blitz.

Chris is the author of a 2006 mystery/science fiction novel called Celestial Pursuits: In the Hub of the Universe for whch he has signed a movie option contract with a Los Angeles production company.

Chris Carberry has a Bachelor’s degree in political science and a Master’s degree in history and archival methods. For several years Chris worked as an archivist at the Massachusetts Historical Society, where he processed the papers of United States Senator Leverett Saltonstall, as well as numerous other collections. While in this position, he compiled The Guide to Modern Political Papers in Massachusetts and helped to put together numerous displays. Chris later transitioned into the role of Operations Manager, where he is responsible for the protection of numerous art works and the greatest collection of early American documents outside of the Library of Congress.

Chris has a heavy background in historical research, having worked as research assistant for several authors, including British biographer Sarah Bradford (America’s Queen) and former New York Times Magazine editor Ed Klein (The Kennedy Curse).