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This Space Available, By Emily Carney. While it would be impossible for a blog post to list the thousands of personnel – NASA and contractors
This Space Available, By Emily Carney. While NORAD calculated Skylab's impact time as 12:37 PM EDT on July 11, 1979, this time was disputed by
This Space Available, By Emily Carney. By early 1978, it was clear that Skylab was coming down more quickly than predicted, and ground controllers worked
This Space Available, By Emily Carney. The United States’ first space station provided a glimpse into the Solar System and Universe that previously could only
This Space Available, by Emily Carney. In the last installment of This Space Available, the life and career of Dr. Philip Chapman, NASA’s first Australian-born
This Space Available, by Emily Carney. Fred Haise may be best known as the Apollo 13 lunar module pilot who, along with crew mates Jim
This Space Available, by Emily Carney. In July 2013, I was honored to attend the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation’s gala dinner celebrating Skylab’s 40th anniversary at
This Space Available, by Emily Carney. According to a previous blog post by This Space Available, when a proposed reboost mission carried out via Space
The documentary Searching For Skylab, released on Vimeo on March 5th, is a treasure trove of as-yet-unseen archival footage of the much-underrated early 1970s U.S.

NASA photo, April 11, 1970: “Astronaut John L. Swigert Jr., command module pilot for NASA’s third lunar landing mission, appears to be relaxing in the

NASA photo, Feb. 1974: “Scientist-astronaut Edward G. Gibson, science pilot for the Skylab 4 mission, demonstrates the effects of zero-gravity as he sails through airlock

Square-jawed Dr. Ed Gibson gets ready to upset some space journalists, NASA photo, Sept. 10, 1973: “Scientist-astronaut Edward G. Gibson, science pilot for the third

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Opinion by Dale Skran, NSS COO Image: Blue Origin team after the July 20 successful flight. Courtesy Blue Origin. The age of space tourism at