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A potential Earth-destroying disaster looms, so humanity must establish a colony on Mars soon. This is the premise driving Arcadia Mars. Though fiction, this story
Sometimes, young adult novels from the past define the desired values and “pulse” of an entire era. One book series, very aggressively marketed to teenage
This novel is the second book of an alternate history trilogy, chronicling the lives of two pilots in a secret Air Force program called Blue
Author Kim Stanley Robinson writes of turmoil, strife, political revolution and poetry on a Moon mostly settled by China. A sensory novel delivering the experience

Category: Fiction Reviewed by Clifford R. McMurray From Ad Astra Summer 2018 Title: Blue Gemini Author: Mike Jenne NSS Amazon link for this book Format: Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle,

Saturn Run by John Standford and Ctein, reviewed by Peter Spasov. The U.S. and China race to seize technological secrets from an extraterrestrial visitor in
This Insubstantial Pageant, by Kate Story. Reviewed by Peter Spasov. Based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest, an interstellar crew encounter strange botanical beings, love, revenge and
Mission to Methone, by Les Johnson. A prospecting mission finds an asteroid that turns out to be an ancient alien spacecraft. Reviewed by Bart Leahy.
Arkwright, by Allen Steele (2016). The Arkwright foundation sends a robotic ship with frozen human gametes to an exoplanet twenty-two light years from Earth. Reviewed
Walking on the Sea of Clouds, by Gray Rinehart (2017). A hard science fiction novel, gritty and realistic, about the first commercial colony on the
Europa’s Lost Expedition, by Michael Carroll (2016). Carroll’s thoughtful storytelling extrapolated from real science turns Jupiter’s moon Europa into a real place for the reader.

Category: Fiction Reviewed by: Mark Lardas Title: Mission: Tomorrow: New Stories of the Future of Space Exploration Editor: Bryan Thomas Schmidt NSS Amazon link for

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Image of Kalpana One space settlement courtesy Bryan Versteeg, $32,000 in Cash Awards Given for Best Space-Related Business Plans — Deadline March 1, 2024

Category: Nonfiction Reviewed by: John J. Vester Title: Nuclear Rockets: To the Moon and Mars Author: Manfred “Dutch” von Ehrenfried Format: Paperback/Kindle Pages: 270 Publisher:

Partially Successful Flight Reached Space and Demonstrated New “Hot Staging” System The National Space Society congratulates SpaceX on the second test of its Starship/Super Heavy

Ad Astra, the NSS quarterly print, digital, and audio magazine, has won a 2023 MARCOM Gold Award. The awards are given yearly for “Excellence in

By Jennifer Muntz, NSS Member Coordinator On October 10th, an inspiring breakfast event took flight at the Center for Space Education at the Kennedy Space

By Grant Henriksen NSS Policy Committee Benefit sharing is a concept that refers to the distribution of benefits derived from the exploration and use of

People residing and working in space, space settlements, or on long-duration space flights will need to produce infrastructures and food to maintain healthy lifestyles. The

Image: Artist’s concept of the Blue Moon lander. Credit: Blue Origin. Second Human Landing System Contract Encourages Competition and Innovation The National Space Society congratulates