Archived NSS Political Action Alert June 13, 2023

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June 13, 2023

We are asking you to take action TODAY to help get space solar power into a bill that will be considered tomorrow, June 14th.

On June 14th, the House Science committee will review House Resolution 2988, a bill that instructs NASA and the Department of Energy to coordinate research and development in several areas including propulsion, machine learning/artificial intelligence, astrophysics, earth/environmental sciences, and quantum computing technologies. Representative Kevin Mullin, from Californias 15th District, is trying to amend the bill to add space solar power to the areas of collaborative research that DOE and NASA can work on.

Because of the short timeline, we ask that you call the authors of the bill now and express your support for including space solar power.

Please phone the offices of Representative Brandon Williams (R, NY-22) at 202-225-3701 and Representative Eric Sorenson (D, IL-17) at 202-225-5905 and tell them:

  • You support adding Representative Kevin Mullins amendment regarding Space Solar Power to House Resolution 2988
  • Space Solar Power can help ensure American global leadership in clean energy sources, jumpstart development of a new energy industry, and provide energy independence from foreign sources.

Please be polite, respectful, and brief when in your phone call. We invite you to use your own words if you wish, but please be sure to mention “House Resolution 2988” and support for “Representative Mullin’s amendment regarding Space Solar Power.

You must call before noon Eastern Time on 15 June. You should be able to leave a message after hours, but phone during business hours if possible.

With your help, we can include space solar power research and development in this important bill, but only if you act TODAY. Thank you for your dedication and advocacy.