Aggie Kobrin Biography

aggie kobrin portrait

Aggie Kobrin

NSS Director of Publications

Aggie Kobrin is founder and director of CEC Global Events and CEC Global LLC, event and media management companies that have produced excellent results for global clients. With 15 years in the event management industry, CEC Global has demonstrated expertise in areas ranging from conferences, corporate events, nonprofit and association events locally and globally for hundreds to thousands of participants.

As event producers for the National Space Society Conferences since 2013, CEC Global has produced a dozen conferences, including the International Space Development Conferences and the Space Settlement Conferences. Aggie is director of publications for the society and managing editor of Ad Astra Magazine, she took over the design and management of Ad Astra seeing a need for an improved publication several years ago.

Aggie is a partner in a broadcast network across multiple social media platforms and OTT sites, including Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV. “A Day In Space” the virtual event scheduled for July 16th, 2020 being produced by the National Space Society will be broadcast and distributed through that network.

Aggie has degrees in Psychology and Business from York University, Toronto, Canada. and currently lives in Irvine, California with her husband and business partner Michael. CEC Global Events is based in Southern California.