Advance the Movement

Advance the Space Movement!

Join the thousands of National Space Society (NSS) members who share the vision of a vigorous future of exploration and settlement of space!

NSS is a COMMUNITY that:

Photo of the National Space Society ISDC chapter displays in 2017

Engages members through locally based “chapter organized” face-to-face activities

Photo of some of the women and men who were part of the McDonnell-Douglass Mercury-Gemini team featuring General Thomas Stafford

Enables members to meet and network with space pioneers and space leaders at the International Space Development Conference

Joe Vintons Artwork of a View of Earth from a Moonbase

Utilizes our members’ talents to advance space exploration through projects like “Cislunar Explorers

Winning Project Divinity Team from 2017

Encourages and inspires the next generation of space explorers with contests like the International Space Settlement Design Competition

NSS members participating in a March Storm visit to legislators in Washington DC

Shapes space legislation through member advocacy!

Photo of the National Space Society awards ceremony in 2017

Recognizes the achievements of space leaders and our members who advance the goal of space settlement

NSS members include people from all walks of life with a passion for space, including authors, astronauts, scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers, teachers, and other space enthusiasts.

You too can be a part of this dynamic community that fosters the exploration of new ideas and discoveries and works to accelerate the day when we all have the opportunity to travel, work, play, and even live among the stars in thriving space communities!