Aaron Freeman Biography

“The funniest man in Chicago” says the The Chicago Tribune. Aaron Freeman is Chicago’s favorite comedian and one of America’s brightest comedy stars. Mr. Freeman is host/High Priest of Chicago Public Radio’s popular “Metropolis” and host of the television talk show, Talking with Aaron Freeman on UPN – Channel 50. On the legitimate stage, he co-starred in Northlight Theater’s critically acclaimed Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me directed by Mike Nussbaum and portrayed the devil in Northlight’s “Don Juan In Hell.” His comic credits include five shows with Chicago’s famed Second City comedy troupe and creator and costar of the long-running musical comedy show, “Aaron Freeman’s ‘Do The White Thing’” and its critically acclaimed sequel, “Gentlemen Prefer Bonds or Girls Just Wanna Have Funds.”

Mr. Freeman is an adjunct professor of telecommunications at Columbia College in Chicago and was the first African-American essayist on PBS’s MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour. He has been nominated for four Emmy Awards. A frequent contributor to the op-ed pages of The Chicago Tribune, he has written articles for Playboy and Chicago Magazine. He is the author of Confessions of A Lottery Ball — The Inside Out World of Aaron Freeman. He also performs his one-man comedy shows, “The Aaron Freeman Show” and “Kosher Chitterlings,” for groups and associations.