2023 NSS Roadmap to Space Art Contest Winners

All art on these pages is copyrighted by the individual artists and may not be used without the artist’s specific permission.

The Fall 2023 Roadmap to Space Student Art Contest had 5,679 entries from 6 countries: Bangladesh, India, Iran, Japan, Peru, and the United States.

The primary purpose of the Roadmap to Space Art Contest is to inspire the next generation of spacefaring citizens to envision their future living, working, and playing in space. Another purpose is to encourage the creation of space art that can be used by the SmallSat Education Conference, SpacEdge Education, and NSS for the limited use of promoting its non-profit objective of creating a spacefaring civilization.

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Grand Prize

3755 busy on mars

Busy on Mars

Title: Busy on Mars
Artist: Madhura Boominathan
Cheltenham High School, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, United Sates
12th Grade – Age 17
Medium/Tools Used: Painted digitally using Procreate
Description: My artwork depicts a scene showing life in a Martian colony. In the foreground, an astronaut is opening a door to the main base which is connected to a large greenhouse further back. Two other astronauts are repairing a transportation vehicle beside one of two spaceships. The vehicle uses several solar panels for power. Rows of solar panels are also seen in the background, and a large radar dish is depicted.

1st Prize Grades 5-8 (Ages 10-14)

1351 architects of mercury

Architects of Mercury

Title: Architects of Mercury
Artist: Mahiro Hayashi
Fujimi Junior High School, Tokyo, Japan
Grade: 8th Grade – Age 13
Medium/Tools Used: Clip Studio Paint Pro Version 1.10.6
Description:  My artwork depicts a scene where architectural researchers live on Mercury. They live in a small town inside a dome. The air and temperature in the dome are finely controlled so that people can live comfortably. People can also enjoy the beauty of Venus and Earth outside the dome.

1st Prize Grades 5-8 (Ages 10-14)

2020 beautiful night on the moon europa

Beautiful Night on the Moon Europa

Title: Beautiful Night on the Moon Europa
Artist: Fabiha Afaf
DPS STS School Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Grade: 8th Grade – Age 14
Medium/Tools Used: Acrylic paints, brushes, color pens, and markers
Description:  The painting portrays a breathtaking nighttime scene, where glass orbs adorn the cityscape of a human civilization on a different moon. The high-rise skyscrapers gleam in the darkness, and the astronaut, like an ant in this environment, observes the stunning scenery.

Honorable Mention Grade 5-8 (Ages 10-14)

4964 mars a tapestry of adaptation

A Tapestry of Adaptation

Title: Mars: A Tapestry of Adaptation
Artist: Aisha Afsara Yasmin
DPS STS School Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Grade: 8th Grade – Age 14
Medium/Tools Used: Acrylic paint on canvas paper, starting with a basic sketch with pencil
Description:  The painting portrays life adaptation on Mars. A vast red landscape with mountains and hills is dotted with glass balls containing vegetation. Solar panels symbolize reliance on renewable energy. Machinery and antennas represent advanced technology supporting life. Buildings in the distance signify the establishment of a Martian colony, reflecting human adaptability. The moons Phobos and Deimos grace the sky. A lone astronaut embodies exploration and adaptation.

1st Prize Grade 9-12 (Ages 14-18)

3161 viswa new beginning

Viswa – New Beginning

Title: Viswa – New Beginning
Artist: Sahithi Puppala
School: Narayana Olympiad School, Andhra Pradesh, India
Grade: 10th Grade – Age 15
Medium/Tools Used: Drawing sheet, acrylic paints, water colors, highlighters
Description:  THE NEW BEGINNING starts up new life in a new place. The main theme of this art work is to make mankind sustain life in space. The picture represents a new settlement in space for future survival. We stay there, live there, and share the vital information about the celestial world. We create Earth-like conditions not only for people residing in the settlement but also for visiting scientists and tourists.

Honorable Mention Grade 9-12 (Ages 14-18)

1243 visions of a future in space

Visions of a Future in Space

Title: Visions of a Future in Space
Artist: Riya Rani
Narayana e-Techno School Borivali, Maharashtr, India
Grade: 10th Grade – Age 15
Medium/Tools Used: Paper sketch color and water colors, pencils, crayons
Description:  A space colony is a human settlement established in outer space, on celestial bodies like the Moon or Mars or in free-floating space habitats. These colonies are designed to provide a livable environment, self-sufficiency, and serve as bases for scientific research, commercial activities, and potential future interplanetary travel.

1st Prize Undergraduates (Ages 19-22)

1039 cosmic greenery

Cosmic Greenery

Title: Cosmic Greenery
Artist: Sahithi Nomula Sr.
Narayana, Mahububad, India
Graduate – Age 19
Medium/Tools Used: Sketchbook Pro, Photoshop and Wacom pen tab
Description:  Cultivating life beyond Earth.