2014 NSS Roadmap to Space Settlement Student Art Contest: Dialymat Space Settlement

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Dialymat Space Settlement

by Dev Singhal
9th Grade, New Delhi, India

Illustrating Roadmap Milestone 18

Description: Dialymat Space Settlement shall provide an efficient way of extracting mineral resources from the Near Earth Asteroids, which is quite similar to mining processes on Earth. Additionally, the settlement shall initialize the use of automated bots and drills making the extraction process easier and systematic. This settlement shall revolve around Earth during the construction process. Later it would be located at a point from where the NEA’s are easily accessible.

Medium/Tools Used: The settlement was designed utterly by me using my imagination. Later I used Google SketchUp to design the settlement. I also used Adobe Photoshop CS to insert the background and text. I also used it to increase the color quality of the design.