2014 NSS Roadmap to Space Settlement Student Art Contest: Ancesius Asteroid-Mounted Settlement

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Ancesius Asteroid-Mounted Settlement

by Tudor Tomescu
11th Grade, Bucharest, Romania

Illustrating Roadmap Milestone 18

Description: The Ancesius Asteroid-Mounted Settlement stands as a proof of concept for a space settlement built around an asteroid; it will have all the necessary equipment to allow mining the asteroid’s valuable resources, enough space to house its residents, and all the facilities needed for comfortable human life in space. Ancesius’ design is simple, consisting of four arms equally spaced apart which will house the settlement’s equipment, facilities and workers. The four arms extend deep into the asteroid.

Medium/Tools Used: The settlement’s shape was created in Google SketchUp, imported and textured (using CryENGINE 3’s textures) in CryENGINE 3. The boulder is taken from CryENGINE 3’s assets. The final product was assembled in GIMP, where the background was also generated. The Moon image is taken from Wikipedia.