2013 International Space Development Conference Presentations on Video

Thanks to our friends at MoonandbackMedia, some of the presentations from the 2013 NSS International Space Development Conference in San Diego are online.

2013 isdc presentation bas lansdorp mars one

Bas Landsdorp. 29 minutes. Opening Keynote Address. Bas Lansdorp is Co-Founder and CEO of Mars One.

2013 isdc presentation stephen covey

Asteroid Panel: Threats or Resources? 50 minutes. Moderated by Stephen D. Covey.

2013 isdc presentation bob richards

Bob Richards46 minutes. Thursday Luncheon Speaker. Dr. Richards is Co-Founder and CEO of Moon Express.

2013 isdc presentation ohio university space solar power

Ohio University – Space Solar Power14 minutes. Creative Visualizations of Space Solar Power.

2013 isdc presentation dana rohrabacher

Dana Rohrabacher. 46 minutes. Congressman Rohrabacher (CA) is Vice Chairman of the Science, Space and Technology Committee.

2013 isdc presentation chris lewicki and david gump

Asteroid Mining Prospects. 50 minutes. Chris Lewicki, President and Chief Engineer, Planetary Resources, and David Gump, CEO, Deep Space Industries.

2013 isdc presentation mark sonter

Mark Sonter: Asteroid Mining55 minutes. Director of Mining and Processing, Deep Space Industries.

2013 isdc presentation howard bloom

Howard Bloom. 47 minutes. Saturday Luncheon Presentation: Gardening the Solar System, Greening the Galaxy.

2013 isdc presentation abdul kalam

Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. 73 minutes. Saturday Night Gala. Space Solar Power: Key to a Livable Planet Earth.

2013 isdc presentation mae jemison

Dr. Mae Jemison, physician astronaut. 61 minutes. Saturday Keynote Plenary Speaker.

2013 isdc presentation robert zubrin mars society

Robert Zubrin: Mars in Our Time. 52 minutes. Robert Zubrin is founder and president of the Mars Society.

2013 isdc presentation apollo 11 astronaut buzz aldrin

Buzz Aldrin. 85 minutes. Saturday Luncheon Speaker. A Unified Space Vision: Mission to Mars.

2013 isdc presentation maria zuber

Maria Zuber. 91 minutes. Principal Investigator of the lunar GRAIL mission. Saturday Banquet includes tribute to Women in Space and NSS Chapter Awards.

2013 isdc presentation robert kerr

Robert Kerr. 52 minutes. Director of the Arecibo Observatory.

2013 isdc presentation ian oneill

Ian O’Neill. 71 minutes. Space Producer, Discovery News.

2013 isdc presentation christopher ferguson

Christopher Ferguson. 52 minutes. Commercial Crew Program, Boeing.

2013 isdc presentation adam steltzner

Adam Steltzner. 96 minutes. Lead engineer for the Mars Science Laboratory descent phase.