2011 International Space Development Presentations on Video

Index to videos for a few of the presentations from the 2011 NSS International Space Development Conference in Huntsville, Alabama.

2010 nss award jeff greason

Jeff Greason, President of XCOR Aerospace. Keynote Address at the Awards Banquet: A Settlement Strategy for NASA. This talk is widely regarded as a major statement in the field of space policy.

42 minute video 

2011 isdc presentation space solar power

International Space Solar Power SymposiumTen presentations by John Mankins, Seth Potter, Darel Preble, Paul Jaffe, Thomas C. Taylor, Stehen D. Covey, Al Globus, Naryanan Komerath, Tatsuhito Fujita, and Nobuyuki Kaya.

2011 isdc presentation paul spudis

Dr. Paul Spudis: Cislunar Space – The Next Frontier. Dr. Spudis, of the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Huston, was presented the 2011 NSS Space Pioneer Award for Scientific and Engineering Paper for his paper on “Mission and Implementation of an Affordable Lunar Return.”

32 minute video 

2011 isdc presentation owen richard garriott

Owen and Richard Garriott. Father and son astronauts. Owen Garriott spent 60 days aboard Skylab in 1973 and 10 days aboard the Space Shuttle in Spacelab-1 in 1983. His son Richard Garriott is a video game developer and entrepreneur who funded his own 12-day trip flying on Soyuz to the International Space Station in 2008.

42 minute video.

2011 isdc presentation adam harris spacex

Adam Harris: SpaceX and the Future. Adam Harris is Vice President for Government Affairs, Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX). SpaceX President Elon Musk is recipient of the 2011 National Space Society Space Pioneer Award for Business Entrepreneur.

24 minute video.