2009 Judging Guidelines for Submitted Artwork

Space Settlement 2009 Calendar Art Contest
Judging Guidelines for Submitted Artwork

Judges are to adhere to the following guidelines in evaluating the works of art that have been submitted to the NSS Space Settlement Art Contest.

1) The art must feature one of the following types of space settlements:

1. Orbital settlements
2. Settlements in or on asteroids
3. Settlements on the Moon
4. Settlements on Mars

A space settlement is defined as a place in space where people go to live, generally for an indefinite period of time, and at least some raise families there. We are not looking for “bases,” “stations,” or “outposts.” For background information about space settlements, and clarification of what is meant by a space settlement, please refer to our NSS Space Settlement Art Contest Resources Page.

In addition to the locations listed above, we urge (but do not require or penalize) participants to create artwork featuring one of the following activities:

  • Work/Industry/Business
  • Family/Personal Life
  • Sports and Leisure
  • Culture/the Arts

2) The art must provide a realistic depiction of future human space settlements and associated activities and endeavors within the solar system. We are not looking for abstract, impressionistic, or surrealist art, and we are not looking for settlements outside our solar system.

3) If the art is of an interior scene, there should normally be a view to the outside (a window) that makes it possible to easily identify the location or setting of the scene. Exceptions are permissible when the subject matter warrants it.

4) There should normally be one or more human beings depicted in the art work. Exceptions are permissible when the subject matter warrants it.

5) The art should provide an uplifting, positive message of our future in space. Images that contain scenes of battle, criminal activity, morally offensive activity, etc. are to be excluded from consideration.

6) The art must be non-offensive and appropriate for viewing by children.

7) Depictions of identifiable persons, whether real or fictional, is not permitted.

8) The art must be oriented so as to be acceptable in the calendar print landscape layout.

Once the art contest is closed, January 11, 2008, the Judges will be provided with a judging form and a userid and password for accessing the master catalog of submitted art. This catalog will contain full size jpegs of all accepted artwork.