From the “grass roots” to Capitol Hill, people ask: Why should we go into space which is a forbidding environment not ‘fit’ for humans to live in? Why should we spend ‘all that money’ when there are so many things we need to do on Earth first? And if we do go, just how will we do it? These are fair questions. For those who want the answers, the National Space Society has prepared this Resource Packet – first as a source of information, and second, as a permanent resource that can be filed away and pulled out to refresh recollection and to pass on to colleagues. We support the new national Vision for Space Exploration, and hope after you read this document, you will understand why – and join us advocating a bold and hopeful vision of humanity’s future in space. Download the resource packet now, to print or refer to online. Contents:
  • A Call for Action
  • What is the National Space Exploration Vision? What did the President Propose?
    • Primary changes in space policy
    • Other announcements by the President
    • Other announcements (not made in the President’s speech)
  • The President’s Commission on Moon, Mars and Beyond with contact information
  • Why Should We Explore and Develop Space — Why is it Important?
  • What You Can Do to Support the National Vision for Space Exploration
  • Web Site List — Space Related Topics
  • Appendix — Full text of the President’s speech on Space Exploration, Jan 14, 2004