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Addendum: Participants

The managers of the 1984 summer study were

David S. McKay, Summer Study Co-Director and Workshop Manager
Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center
Stewart Nozette, Summer Study Co-Director
California Space Institute
James Arnold, Director of the California Space Institute
Stanley R. Sadin, Summer Study Sponsor for the Office of Aeronautics and Space Technology NASA Headquarters

Those who participated in the 10-week summer study as faculty fellows were the following:

James D. Burke, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
James L. Carter, University of Texas, Dallas
David R. Criswell, California Space Institute
Carolyn Dry, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Rocco Fazzolare, University of Arizona
Tom W. Fogwell, Texas A & M University
Michael J. Gaffey, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Nathan C. Goldman, University of Texas, Austin
Philip R. Harris, California Space Institute
Karl R. Johansson, North Texas State University
Elbert A. King, University of Houston, University Park
Jesa Kreiner, California State University, Fullerton
John S. Lewis, University of Arizona
Robert H. Lewis, Washington University, St. Louis
William Lewis, Clemson University
James Grier Miller, University of California, Los Angeles
Sankar Sastri, New York City Technical College
Michele Small, California Space Institute
Participants in the 1-week workshops included the following:

Constance F. Acton, Bechtel Power Corp.
William N. Agosto, Lunar Industries, Inc.
A. Edward Bence, Exxon Mineral Company
Edward Bock, General Dynamics
David F. Bowersox, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Henry W. Brandhorst, Jr. NASA Lewis Research Center
David Buden, NASA Headquarters
Edmund J. Conway, NASA Langley Research Center
Gene Corley, Portland Cement Association
Hubert Davis, Eagle Engineering
Michael B. Duke, NASA Johnson Space Center
Charles H. Eldred, NASA Langley Research Center
Greg Fawkes, Pegasus Software
Ben R. Finney, University of Hawaii
Philip W. Garrison, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Richard E. Gertsch, Colorado School of Mines
Mark Giampapa, University of Arizona
Charles E. Glass, University of Arizona
Charles L. Gould, Rockwell International
Joel S. Greenberg, Princeton Synergetics, Inc.
Larry A. Haskin, Washington University, St. Louis
Abe Hertzberg, University of Washington
Walter J. Hickell, Yukon Pacific
Christian W. Knudsen, Carbotek, Inc.
Eugene Konecci, University of Texas, Austin
George Kozmetsky, University of Texas, Austin
John Landis, Stone & Webster Engineering Corp.
T. D. Lin, Construction Technology Laboratories
John M. Logsdon, George Washington University
Ronald Maehl, RCA Astro-Electronics
Thomas T. Meek, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Wendell W. Mendell, NASA Johnson Space Center
George Mueller, Consultant
Kathleen J. Murphy, Consultant
Barney B. Roberts, NASA Johnson Space Center
Sanders D. Rosenberg, Aerojet TechSystems Company
Robert Salkeld, Consultant
Donald R. Saxton, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
James M. Shoji, Rockwell International
Michael C. Simon, General Dynamics
William R. Snow, Electromagnetic Launch Research, Inc.
Robert L. Staehle, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Frank W. Stephenson, Jr. NASA Headquarters
Wolfgang Steurer, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Richard Tangum, University of Texas, San Antonio
Mead Treadwell, Yukon Pacific
Terry Triffet, University of Arizona
J. Peter Vajk, Consultant
Jesco von Puttkamer, NASA Headquarters
Scott Webster, Orbital Systems Company
Gordon R. Woodcock, Boeing Aerospace Company

The following people participated in the summer study as guest speakers and consultants:

Edwin E. "Buzz" Aldrin, Research & Engineering Consultants
Rudi Beichel, Aerojet TechSystems Company
David G. Brin, California Space Institute
Joseph A. Carroll, California Space Institute
Manuel L. Cruz, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Andrew H. Cuter, California Space Institute
Christopher England, Engineering Research Group
Edward A. Gabris, NASA Headquarters
Peter Harnmerling, LaJolla Institute
Eleanor F. Helin, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Nicholas Johnson, Teledyne Brown Engineering
Joseph P. Kerwin, NASA Johnson Space Center
Joseph P. Loftus, NASA Johnson Space Center
Budd Love, Consultant
John J. Martin, NASA Headquarters
John Meson, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Tom Meyer, Boulder Center for Science and Policy
John C. Niehoff, Science Applications International
Tadahiko Okumura, Shimizu Construction Company
Thomas 0. Paine, Consultant
William L. Quaide, NASA Headquarters
Namika Raby, University of California, San Diego
Donald G. Rea, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Gene Roddenberry, Writer
Harrison H. "Jack" Schmitt, Consultant
Richard Schubert, NASA Headquarters
Elie Shneour, Biosystems Associates, Ltd.
Martin Spence, Shimizu Construction Company
James B. Stephens, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Pat Sumi, San Diego Unified School District
Robert Waldron, Rockwell International
Simon P. Worden, Department of Defense
William Wright, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

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