PART 1- Exploring, Evaluating, and Mining
Nonterrestrial Resources
by Richard E. Gertsch

To Build a Mine: Prospect to Product. by Richard E. Gertsch

     Developing Mineral Resources on Earth.
          Market Identification: Formulating the Project
          Exploration: Finding Prospects
          Site Evaluation: The Sampling Program
          Site Evaluation: The Ore Body Model
          Design and Construction

     Implications for Nonterrestrial Resources.
          The Market
          Sampling Program
          Mine Design and Construction

Lunar Exploration for Resource Utilization. by Michael B. Duke

Lunar Material Resources: An Overview. by James L. Carter

     Physical and Chemical Processes
         Active Surface Agents
         Rock Cycle
     Lunar Material Resources
         Rocks and Minerals
           Volatile Species

        Fumaroles and Vapor Deposits


Table of Contents

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