This publication contains the technical papers from the five task groups that took part in the 1977 Ames Summer Study on Space Settlements and Industrialization Using Nonterrestial Materials. The study was sponsored by the following NASA Headquarters organizations: Office of Space Science, Office of Aeronautics and Space Technology, and Office of Space Transportation Systems. The NASA Ames Research Center hosted the study and provided administrative support through the Life Sciences Directorate. Expert assistance in the many aspects of the study came from NASA Headquarters, NASA centers, universities, industry, and from individual consultants.

This summer study was the largest and most comprehensive investigation of space manufacturing and habitation to date; forty senior research workers and ten students participated. The six-week study was preceeded by several months of planning and preparation, and was followed by extensive work on manuscript checking, review, and assembly. The study topics reflected the research areas requiring the most intensive attention as of mid-1977; they were:

These five task groups each produced two or more technical papers, signed by the contributing members. The papers were subjected to independent peer review by scientists not connected with the study. During the course of the study, frequent formal and informal exchanges of information occurred between tasks groups, so that the entire effort evolved in a coherent fashion and was directed toward common goals. However, each group remained responsible for the choice of its topics and its conclusions.

A listing of all the participants is given on pages vii-x. It would be inappropriate for me to single out particular people or groups for special mention, since all involved applied their skills with dedication and enthusiasm. Instead, I thank everyone for their contributions to the success of the study, and also for making it a united and warmly cooperative personal experience.

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