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Here are videos of astronauts enjoying weightlessness.

These video clips are in Quicktime and MPEG format. Both formats can be viewed on either Windows-based or Apple Macintosh computers. QuickTime files are large and characteristically have a higher resolution. MPEG files are much smaller because they have been compressed. Either type of file will take significant time to download. Choose the format you need by clicking on the file type.

Video Clips
Video Title QuickTime MPEG
M&Ms 12.1 M 1.6 M
Water drop 5.2 M 1.5 M
Push ups 10.3 M 1.9 M
Acrobatics 13.3 M 2.5 M
Weight lifter 13.3 M 2.0 M
Basketball 7.2 M 1.5M
Magnetic marbles 8.3 M 1.6 M
Toy car 4.4 M 847k
Working outside11.2 M 2.3 M
Sky Lab12.2 M1.3 M
Moving in the mid deck6.6M1.3 M
Getting exercise6.8 M1.3 M
Drill team in action20 M 2.6 M
Yoyo 14 M 2.5 M
One man drill 39.7 M 2.6 M
Eating a banana 13.6 M 897k
Drinking grape juice 27 M 1.7 M
Getting dressed 21.4 M 969k
Pullups 23.3M 1.5 M
Moving quickly 19 M 1.2 M
Spinning free 23.6 M 1.6 M
Heavy lift 16 M 1 M
Reaction to rocket blast 21 M 1.3 M
Changing decks 25 M 1.7 M
Using a spoon 9 M 686k
Sleeping 32 M 2.5 M
Slinky 22 M 1.8 M
Lab race 12 M 897k
Extra Vehicular Activity 13 M 997k
Training for weightlessness 21 M 1.6 M
Servicing the Hubble Space Telescope 26 M 2.1M
In the Microgravity lab 13 M 1.1 M
Microgravity experiments 13 M 981k
Satellite repair 18 M 1.2 M
Weightlessness 21 M 1.8 M
Pilot moves into position 22.7 M 2.5 M
Dinner Time 57 M 2.7 M
Shuttle astronauts having fun
4.3 M

Many NASA Teacher Resource Centers have videos of astronauts in weightlessness. In most cases, you can make copies of these for educational purposes.

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