Solar Sail Info on the Web
U3P (Union for the Promotion of Photonic Propulsion)

Institute of Planetary Exploration - Solar Sail Home Page

The Microlight Solar Sail (UK SEDS)

Benjamin Deidrich's Solar Sail Site (Extensive Links)

PERMANENT's Solar Sail Page

Lunar Solar Sail Race Notes (The Artemis Project)

Solar Sail Trajectories (Univ. Illinois Urbana-Champaign)

InterWorld Transport SailAway R&D Project

Star of Tolerance/Solar Sail Home Page

Solar and Laser Driven LightSail Design

Solar and Laser Driven Light Sails

Spacecraft Propulsion

Laser Stars

Physics of Solar Sailing Article

NASA Solar Sail Info:

New Millenium Program Space Technology 5 (JPL)
Interstellar Probe (Marshall)
Solar Wind Sentinels (Goddard)
Space Science News (Goddard)
1997 JPL Workshop
1995 Goddard RFP
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