Space Colony Contest 1996 Results


There were a total of 42 submissions by 142 participants. There were entries from Argentina, Canada and the U.S.


The efforts of all the participants were greatly appreciated, and we hope they will submit new and improved space settlement designs next year. Better yet, we hope they will be building real space settlements a few decades hence. In any case, these were the contestants judged to have the best entries:

Grand Prize

The grand prize went to a team from St. Peter's School, Buenos Ares, Argentina for a truly incredible piece of publication quality work called "Tango III". Both the technical quality and the presentation (in an inch thick document including pictures, equations, text, etc.) were excellent. The entry also included a computer program which appeared to be used to control a shuttle simulator the same group built. The grand prize winners for 1996 are:

Note: for the rest of the prizes there were individual and team awards for two groups: 6-9th grade and 10-12th grade. Team members are listed in alphabetical order.

First Prizes

Second Prizes

Third Prizes

There were two honorable mentions:


Several teachers deserve special mention for their involvement:

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