National Space Society Space Settlement Contest 2019 Results

This page contains the results of the 2019 NSS Space Settlement Contest. This year we received 2,691 entries involving 12,899 students. For the previous 25 years this contest was administered by NASA Ames Research Center and was an entirely paper operation. This year the National Space Society took over administration at NASA’s invitation and simultaneously made the contest a cloud based digital system using the Award Force contest software.


Grand Prize

The Grand Prize for the 2019 NSS Space Settlement Contest went to a team of 11 students from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, USA: Josiah DeLuz, Josiah Richards, Maya Calilao, Hana Husek, Raychelle Lorenzo, Jayde Whiting, Madeleina Wolcott, Austin Pham, Nolan Pries, Christian Williams, and Logan Russell, for creating ASM Corporis under the direction of Frederick Herrmann from the Makua Lani Christian Academy. ASM Corporis is particularly noteworthy for the excellent and relevant physical experiments they undertook.

First Prize

Grade 12 First Prize

Grade 11 First Prize

Grade 10 First Prize

Grade 9 First Prize

Grade 8 First Prize

Grade 7 and Younger First Prize

Artistic Merit First Prize

Literary Merit First Prize

Second Prize

Grade 12 Second Prize

Grade 11 Second Prize

Grade 10 Second Prize

Grade 9 Second Prize

Grade 8 Second Prize

Grade 7 and Younger Second Prize

Artistic Merit Second Prize

Literary Merit Second Prize

Third Prize

Grade 12 Third Prize

Grade 11 Third Prize

Grade 10 Third Prize

Grade 9 Third Prize

Grade 8 Third Prize

Grade 7 and Younger Third Prize

Artistic Merit Third Prize

Literary Merit Third Prize

Honorable Mention

Grade 12 Honorable Mention

Grade 11 Honorable Mention

Grade 10 Honorable Mention

Grade 9 Honorable Mention

Grade 8 Honorable Mention

Grade 7 and Younger Honorable Mention

Artistic Merit Honorable Mention

Literary Merit Honorable Mention

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