Space Settlements: A Design Study

Space Settlements: A Design Study, provides information on space settlement development and education and assists teachers and students in the NASA Ames Space Settlement Design Contest. The design study was the result of a 10 week program in engineering systems design held at Stanford University and Ames Research Center in the summer of 1975. Participants included professors, technical directors and students in a variety of disciplines from physical science and architecture to engineering and social science. The goal (see preface) was to construct a vision of how people might sustain life in space in a large colony.

The study was copied and placed on the WWW by Bryan Yager with assistance from Hendrick Lee and Gail Felchle. The project was mentored by Al Globus and sponsored by NAS (Numerical Aerodynamic Simulation).

The document (hard copy) is available through NASA/Ames Research Center Library. For further information contact the reference staff at (650) 604-6325.

R.D. Johnson, C Holbrow, editors, Space Settlements: A Design Study, NASA, SP-413, Scientific and Technical.

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