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The structural system consists of aluminum tube columns with a typical 4 X 6 m bay size. Beams are also aluminum, spaced at 2 m on center. Beams and columns have fixed connections to form rigid boxes, allowing them to span up to 6 m. Figure 5-24 shows this structural frame assembly and figure 5-25 details the beam and column connections.

Floor elements consist of 5-cm-thick aluminum honeycomb sandwich panel construction. Structural calculations for such a floor and beam system were developed for use in Skylab and as such have been assumed for use in the colony. The system allows dead load weights of less than 120 Pa (2.5 lb/ft^2 ) and is capable of taking upwards of 12 kPa (250 lb/ft^2) in live load (ref. 22). Walls could be a number of different materials. For sound isolation and for fire protection, a 10-cm thick silicon cellular panel has been assumed. Ceiling construction, likewise a fire resistive construction, is also made from silicon fiberglass.

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