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COMPONENTS Building materials and components must be developed for use inside the colony compatible with the selected modular framing system. The need is for light and strong floor deck elements, light and fireproof interior wall elements, light, fireproof, and acoustically treated exterior wall elements, and fireproof ceiling assemblies. All of these elements must be selected on the basis of their specific functional use, concern for safety against fire, smoke and human panic, and appropriateness to their relationship within the overall design context of the interior environment of the colony. The elements have been designed assuming the availability of sufficient amounts of aluminum that meets the necessary strength requirements of NASA report MSC-01-542 (2) .Also assumed available is a silicon-based fiberboard similar to terrestrial mineral fiber insulation board. The systems chosen are shown in table 4-8.

TABLE 4-8 (gif format)


Exterior wall system

Cellular silicone glass (10 cm) with
22 ga. aluminum skin on each side, 191 Pa
(4 lb/ft^2)
2.5 cm aluminum honeycomb with 5 cm
silicone foam glass and 22 ga. aluminum skin
on one side, 164 Pa (3.5 lb/ft^2)

Interior wall system

5 cm aluminum honeycomb with 22 ga.
aluminum skin on both sides, 120 Pa (2.5 lb/ft^2)

For floor and roof systems the lightest constructions generally available on Earth are composed of light, openweb framing, suspended ceilings, and metal floor decking. This is chosen for the baseline. Stressed skin panel construction made from aluminum web members and aluminum skin is also light and therefore a viable alternative. For a 9 m span and residential live loads (unreduced) of 1.9-2.9 kPa (40-60 1b/ft^2), the dead loads for each of these systems are given in figure 4-21 and figure 4-22.

figure 4-21
figure 4-22

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