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NSS Executive Committee (Officers) NSS Executive Committee (Officers)

National Space Society
Executive Committee

The NSS Executive Committee, composed of the elected Officers, acts for the Board of Directors between Board meetings on all authorized governance and operational matters of the Society. NSS Officers, who are elected by the Board of Directors, serve in a voluntary capacity for 2-year terms.

anita gale nss

Anita Gale

Chief Executive Officer
karlton johnson nss 2

Karlton Johnson

Chairman, Board of Governors
Kirby Ikin

Kirby Ikin

Chair, Board of Directors
isaac arthur 400

Isaac Arthur

Hoyt Davidson

Hoyt Davidson

Executive Vice President
dale skran 400

Dale Skran

Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President
Larry Ahearn

Larry Ahearn

Vice President, Chapters
Randy Gigante

Randy Gigante

Vice President, Development
Anthony Paustian

Anthony Paustian

Vice President, Marketing
Lynne F Zielinski

Lynne Zielinski

Vice President, Education
david brandt erichsen

David Brandt-Erichsen

joe redfield

Joe Redfield

mike snyder

Michael Snyder

Assistant Secretary (ex officio)
John Strickland

John Strickland

Assistant Treasurer (ex officio)
Geoffrey Notkin 300

Geoffrey Notkin

President Emeritus
Mark Hopkins 200

Mark Hopkins (1949-2023)

In Memoriam: Chief Executive Officer Emeritus