The National Space Society vision is people living and working in space

Space Movement Leaders Speak Out:

The Importance of Space

The National Space Society appreciates the participation of the following individuals: 

  • Richard Godwin, President, Apogee Books. 
  • Joe Redfield, Manager, Southwest Research Institute; Treasurer, National Space Society 
  • Lon Levin, President, Sky Seven Ventures; NSS Board of Governors
  • Jay Wittner, Executive Director, Space Literacy Foundation; NSS Board of Directors. 
  • Kirby Ikin, Owner, Asia Pacific Aerospace Consultants; Chairman of the NSS Board of Directors 
  • Michael Laine, Partner, Apollo Capital Partners. 
  • Mark Hopkins, Executive Committee Chairman, National Space Society. 
  • Anita Gale, Engineer; Co-Founder, Space Settlement Design Competition. 
  • Stanley Rosen, Professor of Acquisition Management, Defense Acquisition University. 
  • Thomas Olson, Managing Partner, Exodus Consulting Group. 
  • Eric Anderson, President, Space Adventures. 
  • Gordon Woodcock, Technical Consultant. 
  • Robert Zubrin, President, Mars Society. 
  • George Whitesides, CEO, Virgin Galactic. 
  • David Dunlop, NSS Board of Directors
  • John Brandenburg, Senior Propulsion Scientist, Orbital Technologies. 
  • Lee Valentine, XCOR Aerospace; President, Space Studies Institute

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