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Space Elevator Library

Space Elevators Space Elevators - An Advanced Earth-Space Infrastructure for the New Millennium, 2000 [PDF 60 MB]. Compiled by D.V. Smitherman, Jr., Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Alabama. NASA Conference Publication CP-2000–210429. This publication is based on the findings from the Advanced Space Infrastructure Workshop on Geostationary Orbiting Tether “Space Elevator” Concepts, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, June 8–10, 1999.

The Space Elevator The Space Elevator by Bradley C. Edwards (NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts Study Phase 1 Final Report), 2000 [PDF 15 MB].

The Space Elevator The Space Elevator NIAC Phase 2 Final Report, 2003 [PDF 3 MB].

Space Tethers and Space Elevators Space Tethers and Space Elevators, 2009. Sorry, we cannot supply the whole book, and this is a link to only 19 pages of the 215-page book, which is available for sale from Amazon.

  1982 paper by Paul Birch on Orbital Rings, a possible precursor to a space elevator. Posted with permission from the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society. [PDF 3 MB]


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