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READING SPACE:  314 NSS Book Reviews

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Title: Abandoned in Place
Author: Roland Miller
Pub. Date: Mar 2016

Title: Earth Unaware
Author: Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston
Pub. Date: Jul 2012


Title: Saving Mars
Author: Cidney Swanson
Pub. Date: Jul 2012

Coffee table book with stark photos of the abandoned remnants of America’s glory days in space.


An Ender’s Game prequel about the first alien invasion, with plausible views of how people will live and work in space.


A fast-paced story of a young pilot and her autistic brother who must travel from Mars to Earth to obtain the food they need to survive on the red planet.


How to Get Your Book Reviewed: NSS reviews fiction and nonfiction books that are related to the human exploration, development, and settlement of space. Topics include space history, space technologies, space resources, space settlement, politics of space development, and books that will inspire enthusiasm for space in adults and children.

Before sending a book, please contact Space Books Committee Chairman Marianne Dyson with a description of the book and how one of our NSS Space Books Committee members can obtain a free review copy in print (preferred) or electronic form. Books that are, in the opinion of the reviewer, not sufficiently related to space, are not historically or scientifically accurate, or fail to hold the reader’s interest will not be reviewed.

Reviews will normally be featured on the NSS website within three months and advertised in our electronic newsletter, Downlink. Two reviews per quarter will be selected for publication in Ad Astra magazine, and then archived on the website. Opinions expressed are those of the reviewers and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Space Society. If you are an NSS member and writer interested in joining the Space Books Committee, please contact Marianne Dyson.

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