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Title: 2001: The Heritage and Legacy of The Space Odyssey
Author: Frederick I. Ordway III and Robert Godwin
Pub. Date: Jan 2010

Title: The Mars Imperative
Author: Mark Terence Chapman
Pub. Date: Jul 2014


Title: Skye Object 3270A
Author: Linda Nagata
Pub. Date: Dec 2010

Ordway was the science consultant for the movie 2001 and the book provides great insight into its creation.


Combines the detail and technical accuracy of Robinson with the human idealism of Heinlein and the action of Pournelle.


The story of how one girl became the sole survivor of an alien attack.


Books are selected for recommendation based on their connection to the NSS vision of people living and working in space. Reviews are provided by members of the NSS Space Books Committee and other individuals. Opinions expressed are those of the reviewers and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Space Society. Contact Space Books Committee Chairman Marianne Dyson with comments or requests for book reviews.

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