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08 March 1999


The Space Awareness Alliance (SAA), of which the National Space Society (NSS) is a founding member, today unveiled a "National Space Test" as a challenge for all Americans to test their knowledge of the many benefits derived from space. The introduction of the quiz kicks-off the annual celebration of Spaceweek, March 7-13, 1999. Spaceweek, which began in 1981, helps foster an understanding of how past, current, and future space developments are improving the quality of life on Earth.

The National Space Society works to increase public understanding of how space exploration and development result in scientific, technical, and economic benefits that improve the quality of life on Earth. While most of us are deeply interested in achieving technological feats in space, few people are aware of the many ways the space program has influenced and changed the way we live and work.

Each of the 10 questions is aimed at testing individuals' knowledge about space-related facts. The topics addressed in the test are International Cooperation in Space, Historical Facts, New Discoveries, Spinoffs, Commercial & Civil Space, Medical Research, Budget Investments, International Space Station, Military Use of Space and Economic Impact.

The National Space Society, a member of the Alliance, has posted the "National Space Test" at our website, and at NSS's Space Exploration Online on American Online (Keyword: SPACE). NSS, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, is the oldest pro-space group in America. The NSS works to promote change in social, technical, economic and political conditions to advance the day when people will work and live in space. Its 20,000 members and 75 chapters around the world actively promote a spacefaring civilization.

The Space Awareness Alliance is a non-profit consortium composed of government, corporate and non-profit entities with an interest in space. In addition to Spaceweek, SAA supports a national public awareness effort, which employs a wide variety of media, educational and marketing activities.

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