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19 November 1998

National Space Society's "Ask An Astronaut" Website Hosts Astronaut/Painter Alan Bean For Online Question/Answer Forum

(Washington, DC) -- November 19 -- On the 29th anniversary of his walk on the Moon, the National Space Society (NSS) announces Alan Bean as the featured guest on its educational website, "Ask An Astronaut" <>. Beginning today, the general public can send questions to be answered by the astronaut/artist.

Alan Bean was the lunar module pilot for Apollo 12, and on November 19, 1969, the fourth man to walk on the moon. In 1973, Bean again flew in space as commander of the Skylab 3 mission, the United States' first space station. Today an accomplished explorer artist, Bean creates paintings for future generations that help record humankind's first exploration of another world.

In addition to sending questions to Bean, visitors to the "Ask An Astronaut" website can access biographical and multimedia files related to his flights and career as an artist. A directory of related websites, as well as archives from previous featured astronauts (including John Glenn, who was featured during his recent shuttle flight) are also available.

The National Space Society, which established "Ask An Astronaut" two years ago, is proud to present the public access to those who have pioneered the space frontier.

"Captain Bean's paintings have helped many understand the wonder of exploring the Moon in ways that words cannot communicate," said Robert Pearlman, NSS Director of Online Programs. "The Internet allows us to present his artwork alongside multimedia from his missions, as well as have specific questions answered. It is a perfect medium for the combination of science and art."

The National Space Society, founded in 1974, is an independent, nonprofit space advocacy organization headquartered in Washington, DC. Its 23,000 members and 75 chapters around the world actively promote a spacefaring civilization. Information on NSS and space exploration is available at <>.

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