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06 February 1997
NASA May Say "Okay" Today, But Space Advocates See Bleak Future

Administration Today Proposes Cutting NASA Budget Sixth Year Running;
Space Advocates Turn to Congress to Stabilize Funding for 1998

(Washington, DC, February 6) -- As a reward for spending less while doing more, for reforming operations, streamlining and privatizing programs, and dramatically enhancing performance, President Clinton's Administration today proposed cutting NASA's budget for the sixth year, reducing spending from $14 billion (current spending in 1998 dollars) to $13.5 billion.

"NASA just can't win," said David Brandt, Executive Director of the National Space Society. "For doing their job, NASA's proposed budget for 1998 is being slashed by another $500 million. NASA and Administrator Dan Goldin are obligated to be 'pleased' with the President's proposal, but we're not."

"Our focus is on Congress to convince them of the dangers of proposing further cuts," Brandt said. "Members of the National Space Society and other space advocates will be encouraging Congress to appropriate the money to stabilize NASA funding at its current spending level."

Last year, the 104th Congress proposed spending $13.1 billion for NASA in FY 1998 -- a $900 million cutback from this year's budget when adjusted for inflation (1998 dollars). "If the previous Congress's budget prevails," Brandt said, "NASA will have no choice but to amputate major science, engineering, and educational programs. Right now, the bridge to the 21st century is leading this country to fewer high paying jobs and less competitiveness for our nation. More than ever, it's crucial for the U.S. to invest in science and engineering. That means supporting NASA, which generates advanced technologies for the future."

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