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10 October 1996
NSS Press Release describing NSS' upcoming November 13 event, bringing independent experts together to debate human element on Mars.

Date: October 29, 1996

National Space Society Invites Independent Experts to Add Human Element to Mars Debate

(Washington, DC, October 29) -- In response to the findings of possible early life on Mars, the release of a revised National Space Policy and a pending White House Space Summit, the National Space Society is holding an independent gathering of experts before a public audience to discuss next steps for Mars exploration as they might involve humans.

"Space Summit Forum: Mars and the Future of the U.S. Space Program" will be held Wednesday, November 13 from 9:00am - 3:00pm in the House Science Committee Hearing Room (2318 Rayburn Office Building) in Washington, DC. Moderated by NSS Policy Committee Chair Dr. Scott Pace, the forum will address these themes: Robotic Exploration -- the Next Steps; Humans to Mars -- Why?; Humans to Mars -- How?; and Humans to Mars -- When?.

Scheduled speakers as of this date are Dr. Geoffrey Briggs, Center for Mars Exploration, NASA Ames Research Center; Dr. Michael Griffin, Orbital Sciences Corporation; Kent Joosten, NASA Johnson Space Center; the Honorable Harrison Schmitt, Apollo astronaut-geologist and former U.S. Senator; Dr. Gerald Soffen, Director of University Programs, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; Dr. Lowell Wood, physicist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Dr. Gordon Woodcock, Boeing (ret.); Dr. S. Pete Worden, former Director of Science, Technology and Advanced Concepts, National Space Council; and Dr. Robert Zubrin, Pioneer Rocketplane and author of the newly-released book, "The Case for Mars: The Plan to Settle the Red Planet and Why We Must."

The forum is open to the public and admission is free. Updated lists of speakers and topics are posted at the NSS World Wide Website at ( ) and at NSS's America OnLine Space Exploration Forum (Keyword: SPACE). Details of another Mars-related event in Washington on November 22 -- "Life in the Universe: What Might Martian Fossils Tell Us?" -- can also be found at the NSS sites and at ( ).

The National Space Society is a nonprofit, grassroots space advocacy organization with over 25,000 members in the United States and abroad. Founded over 20 years ago, it is the oldest active pro-space group in America, advocating people living and working in thriving communities beyond the Earth.

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