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National Space Society congratulates NASA and ULA on successful launch of Mars Science Laboratory

(Washington, DC -- November 26, 2011)

The National Space Society congratulates NASA and the United Launch Alliance (ULA) team on a successful launch of the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) including the Curiosity surface rover.  The successful launch and Mars trajectory insertion begins the eight month journey to Mars and sets the stage for the next level of exploration of Mars.  Using a new landing system, Curiosity, the size of a small sport utility vehicle, will be slowed by aerobraking, parachutes, and retro-rockets, allowing precision navigation to the intended landing site.  Curiosity will then be lowered from the hovering descent stage platform to the surface of Mars, becoming the largest Mars surface rover to date.

MSL is anticipated to arrive at Mars in August of 2012.  The mission fact sheet can be downloaded here.  The launch press kit can be downloaded here.

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