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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- October 11, 2010

NSS Commends President Obama and Congress for Enacting the NASA Authorization Act of 2010

NSS endorses the enactment of the NASA Authorization Act of 2010 and commends President Obama and Congress for having done so.

The three-year authorization demonstrates a bipartisan cooperative effort on the part of both the House and the Senate to provide a framework for engaging the Executive Branch in a comprehensive dialog on the future of NASA.

NSS Executive Director, Gary Barnhard, offered this statement, "We now have a viable legislative framework.  Now is the time for the communities of interest to weigh in on how to accomplish the work at hand.  We are at an inflection point.  We need the equivalent of a space constitutional convention to foster the necessary realignment and transformation of the government, commercial, and non-governmental concerns to achieve the stated goals.  We have to as a community layout how each of us can contribute to creating the space programs that will extend our civilization beyond Earth.  We must learn to harness the vast resources of space for the dramatic betterment of humanity.  Hence forth, Powerpoint presentations must cease being considered an engineering product.  What matters is: what we actually build, what missions are enabled and actually accomplished, what endeavors are sustained, and that the enterprise becomes an engine for generating new real wealth thereby making it affordable."

Added Rick Zucker, NSS Vice President of Public Affairs, "The enactment of the NASA Authorization Act of 2010 is a piece of history that is in no small measure due to the efforts of the National Space Society, the Space Exploration Alliance, and the broader space advocacy community -- citizens from all walks of life who contacted their representatives to have their voices heard."

This effort does not by any means guarantee the future that we wish to see will come to pass, but it does light the way forward along a path that is not the politics of the usual.  Even the most ardent critics rose to speak of their vision of a dynamic, engaging, and sustainable space program.  Accordingly, we all won this fight.  The ideas are on the table.  We are earnestly engaged as a nation in the debate on how to secure the future we wish to see come to pass.


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