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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- February 16, 2010

NSS Supports Hubble 3D movie

NSS has partnered with IMAX on the upcoming Hubble 3D movie, which enables movie-goers to journey through distant galaxies, explore the mysteries of our celestial surroundings, and accompany the astronauts as they attempt the most difficult and important task in NASA's history.  The film will offer an inspiring and unique look into the Hubble Space Telescope's legacy and highlight its profound impact on the way we view the universe.

The film will be narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio.  The IMAX 3D camera, flown aboard Space Shuttle Atlantis last May, captured stunning 3D images of the intricate spacewalks required to service the telescope.  The footage, shot by the STS-125 astronauts, puts IMAX audiences right  alongside the spacewalking astronauts.  The film will also feature never-before-seen 3D flights through awe-inspiring Hubble imagery, providing a first-person journey to the far reaches of our universe.

Check out the Hubble 3D trailer and get more information on the movie at

Make sure you are following nss on Twitter and National Space Society on Facebook to have the chance to win prizes such as signed Hubble 3D Posters, patches, polo shirts and IMAX tickets.  Also, make sure you are a current NSS member to be eligible for a grand prize to be announced in the spring issue of Ad Astra magazine.

Media contact:
Brett Silcox
Phone:  (202) 429-1600

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