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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- October 30, 2009

National Space Society (NSS) Congratulates NASA for Successful Flight of Ares I-X

"Many people said it could not possibly work, yet it flew quite well," said Gary Barnhard, Chairman of the NSS Executive Committee.  The 327-foot tall rocket thundering into the Florida sky on the 28th of October is the first developed and launched by NASA since the space shuttle was launched.

"This represents a milestone of future possibilities for the human exploration and eventual settlement of space," proclaimed Rick Zucker, NSS Vice President of Public Affairs.

"Ares I-X actually launched about three days ahead of its previous Halloween launch date, proving that the theory that schedules only get longer can indeed be broken by a serious, dedicated team," exclaimed Greg Allison, NSS Executive Vice President.  "NASA is definitely back in the rocket technology development business."

NSS sees two primary long-term advantages to the success of Ares I-X.  First, the mission provides the key data on the performance and operational environment of a shuttle-derived solid rocket booster launched with a larger upper stage and aeroshell.  Second, the flight test gives NASA a team of seasoned civil servants and contractors with a proven ability to design, build, and fly new rockets, regardless of which rocket architecture is eventually selected.


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