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February 8, 2006

One Percent for Space:

NSS Challenges Congress to Fully Fund NASA

WASHINGTON, DC. NASA must be better funded to achieve the worthy and ambitious goals set out in the Vision for Space Exploration and the 2005 Authorization Act

NSS members to meet with Congress this week in kickoff Capitol Hill campaign

The National Space Society commends the White House for recognizing the vital importance of human space exploration in the 2007 budget for NASA. The society salutes NASA for focusing on the implementation of the Vision, and for embracing the settlement of space as its long-term goal, one of the highest callings of humanity.

NSS now challenges Congress to recognize that NASA must receive additional funds if it is to achieve the full breadth of the worthy goals set out in the NASA Authorization Act of 2005. The Act endorsed the Vision for Space Exploration, and charged NASA with an ambitious range of space activities. Congress now has the opportunity and responsibility to enable NASA to achieve those goals.

Some will say that the nation's budgets are too constrained to spend more on space. NSS believes that, in times of challenge, great nations recommit to the sources of their strength. For the United States, these sources are surely liberty, industry, innovation and exploration. Space is critical to all of these, exploration above all.

The 2007 budget request sets out a funding path that is substantially less than the original 2005 budget plan for the Vision for Space Exploration. The reductions of the 2006 and 2007 budgets have forced NASA to make cuts in many worthy programs. NSS challenges Congress to set a higher standard for space funding - fulfilling the full Vision for Space Exploration and the true calling of our country as a nation built on exploration.

NSS submits that the nation can and should spend one percent of its federal budget on space, from the 0.7% that it currently expends. Raising the budget will enable NASA to carry out its mandate for human exploration while pursuing valuable programs in space science and robotic exploration. These programs include ambitious Centennial Challenges, the Terrestrial Planet Finder mission, a probe of Europa, and a greater role for Commercial Orbital Transportation Systems. It will also permit a deeper connection between the crucial work of today and future explorations of Mars.

This week, NSS members will join with the Space Exploration Alliance in their first Congressional education event of the year. This effort is the first of four such actions scheduled for 2006. The society invites all citizens who support space to join this effort.


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