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June 3, 2004

NSS encourages its members to attend the world's first private manned spaceflight launch

It's on! June 21 launch date set for Scaled Composite's SpaceShipOne

The National Space Society urges its members to turn out in force for the world's first private manned spaceflight - the scheduled June 21 launch of Burt Rutan's SpaceShipOne in Mojave, California.

"This is an amazing chance to experience a new chapter in space history," said NSS executive director George Whitesides. "I strongly encourage NSS members to attend and demonstrate NSS support for the next generation of personal spaceflight."

Children are welcome at the event, and parking is only $10. The spaceship is scheduled to roll out on the tarmac at 6:30 am.

Details for viewing the launch, including directions and local hotels, are available at:

If successful, the Scaled team will be ready to try for the $10 million dollar X PRIZE. Burt Rutan, the designer of SpaceShipOne, stated on the Scaled Composite's website:

"I strongly feel that, if we are successful, our program will mark the beginning of a renaissance for manned space flight. This might even be similar to that wonderful time period between 1908 and 1912 when the world went from a total of ten airplane pilots to hundreds of airplane types and thousands of pilots in 39 countries. We need affordable space travel to inspire our youth, to let them know that they can experience their dreams, can set significant goals and be in a position to lead all of us to future progress in exploration, discovery and fun."

NSS could not agree more. See you on June 21!


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Individuals who wish to show their support for space can do so via or

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George Whitesides
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