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2010 Releases

2010-Nov-29 NSS Calls on Congress to Fully Fund NASA in accordance with NASA Authorization Act of 2010 [PDF]
2010-Nov-04 PRESS CONFERENCE: The Kalam-NSS Energy Initiative
2010-Oct-30 National Space Society Announces the Kalam-NSS Energy Initiative [PDF]
2010-Oct-28 Second Chance to Join the NSS Leadership Team — Apply by November 30
2010-Oct-11 NSS Commends President Obama and Congress for Enacting the NASA Authorization Act of 2010
2010-Sep-30 NSS Commends House of Representatives for Passing NASA Authorization Act of 2010 [PDF]
2010-Sep-13 NSS Endorses ISDA and CFR on Ground-Breaking Policy Work on Space-Based Solar Power [PDF]
2010-Sep-10 NSS Calls on House to Adopt the Senate Version of the NASA Authorization Act of 2010 [PDF]
2010-Sep-02 Join the NSS Leadership Team — Apply by September 20
2010-Sep-01 NSS Calls for Reconsideration of Funding Proposed for Exoplanet Research in Astro2010 Decadal Report [PDF]
2010-July-16 NSS Commends Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee's Unanimous Approval of NASA Authorization Act of 2010 [PDF]
2010-July-15 NEWS FLASH: NASA Senate Authorization Bill Action
2010-June-26 NSS Co-Sponsors NewSpace 2010 Conference July 23-25
2010-June-12 NSS Announces "NSS in Second Life" Machinima Contest Winner
2010-June-04 NSS Congratulates SpaceX on a magnificent first launch of the Falcon 9
2010-May-25 ISDC 2010 Auctioning a "Dance with a Star": Buzz Aldrin
2010-May-24 ISDC 2010 Offering Breakfast with Buzz, Rusty, or Freeman
2010-Apr-15 NSS Applauds Presidents Commitment to the Mission of NASA and the role of space in providing for the Future
2010-Apr-10 NSS Appoints Gary Pearce Barnhard as Executive Director
2010-Mar-23 NSS Seeks Donated Items For Auction at ISDC 2010
2010-Feb-28 Space Artist and NSS Governor Robert McCall Passes Away
2010-Feb-16 NSS Supports Hubble 3D movie
2010-Feb-05 NSS Calls for Continued Human Spaceflight beyond Earth Orbit

2009 Releases

2009-Dec-21 National Space Society Congratulates Tim Pickens
2009-Dec-09 NSS Congratulates Virgin Galactic and Scaled Composites for Rollout of SpaceShipTwo
2009-Nov-16 NSS Congratulates NASA for Successful LCROSS Mission
2009-Oct-30 NSS Congratulates NASA for Successful Flight of Ares I-X
2009-Oct-28 Statement on "Final Report of the Review of U.S. Space Flight Plans Committee"
2009-Sep-11 Statement on "Summary Report of the Review of U.S. Space Flight Plans Committee"
2009-Jun-17 Space Community Gathers at National Space Society's ISDC 2009
2009-May-26 Nomination of Charles Bolden and Lori Garver to lead NASA
2009-Feb-27 NSS Comment on NASA FY 2010 Budget
2009-Feb-17 Remembering space pioneer Konrad K. Dannenberg
2009-Jan-29 The Conrad Foundation and NSS Announce Collaboration for Education Awards
2009-Jan-01 NSS and SEA Announce Legislative Blitz in Washington

2008 Releases

2008-Dec-19 NSS mourns the loss of Majel Barrett Roddenberry, actress and NSS Governor
2008-Nov-29 NSS Governor and pioneer physicist Arthur Kantrowitz has passed away
2008-Nov-9 NSS Congratulates ISRO on Successful Chandrayaan-1 Lunar Arrival
2008-Oct-28 Second Chance to Join the NSS Leadership Team — Apply by November 30
2008-Oct-27 NSS Educational Project Enables Nepal Sky-watching
2008-Oct-24 NSS is Pleased to Support Dr. Ernst Stuhlinger Recognition Symposium
2008-Oct-14 NSS Congratulates Historic Father-Son Space Pairs
2008-Sep-28 National Space Society Statement on SpaceX Launch
2008-Sept-12 PRESS CONFERENCE: Space-Based Solar Power Breakthrough
2008-Sept-9 Space-Based Solar Power Breakthrough to Be Announced
2008-Aug-22 Join the NSS Leadership Team — Apply by September 15
2008-July-15 NSS Helps Form New Coalition for Cheap & Reliable Access to Space [PDF]
2008-June-4 International Space Development Conference 2008 an Inspiring Success! [PDF]. See the CSPAN videos from ISDC 2008
2008-June-4 National Space Society statement on HR 6063, NASA Authorization Act of 2008 [PDF]
2008-May-29 NSS Kicks Off Space Ambassadors Program with Virgin Galactic
2008-May-7 NSS Testifies before US Senate on NASA's Future: Opening Remarks [PDF] and Full Statement [PDF]
2008-Mar-29 National Space Society Statement on Arthur C. Clarke's Legacy
2008-Feb-29 National Space Society Announces RETURN TO LUNA: A Short Story Science Fiction Contest
2008-Feb-18 Space Exploration Alliance Members Press Congress For Full Authorized Levels of NASA Funding

2007 Releases

2007-Nov-28 National Space Society selects new publisher for Ad Astra magazine
2007-Nov-13 NSS Announces "Space Settlement 2009" Art Contest
2007-Oct-10 PRESS CONFERENCE: NSS Leads Formation of New Space Solar Power Organization
2007-Oct-10 NSS Leads Formation of New Space Solar Power Organization
2007-Sep-07 NSS Encourages Calls to Congress!
2007-Aug-29 Space Travelers Gather in Croatia for Historic Summit
2007-Aug-21 NSS to Co-Sponsor 10th Mars Society Convention
2007-Jul-27 NSS Statement on Accident at Scaled Composites
2007-Jun-14 Space Exploration Alliance Completes Successful 2007 Moon-Mars Blitz on Capitol Hill
2007-May-04 NSS Statement on Passing of NASA Astronaut Wally Schirra
2007-Mar-16 Winning Artwork in the NSS "Space Settlement 2008" Art Contest
2007-Feb-20 NSS States Support for Virginia's Spaceflight Liability and Immunity Act

2006 Releases

2006-Dec-04 NSS Statement on NASA's Release of Global Exploration Strategy and Lunar Architecture
2006-Nov-27 Space Leaders Call on Congress to Restore Funding for Important NASA Space Prize Program
2006-Aug-18 Save Centennial Challenges! NSS statement on announcement of winners for NASA COTS program
2006-Jul-17 Human Spaceflight is Back! NSS statement on successful landing of Space Shuttle Discovery
2006-Apr-23 NSS Lauds Choice of Worden for Ames Directorship
2006-Mar-24 NSS Statement on Launch of SpaceX Falcon 1
2006-Feb-14 NSS Leads Successful Budget Week Citizen Action Blitz
2006-Feb-08 One Percent for Space: NSS Challenges Congress to Fully Fund NASA
2006-Jan-19 Going where no one has gone before: NSS hails New Horizons Pluto Launch

Older Releases

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