November 17, 2012

National Space Society

Second Chance to Help Shape our Future in Space
Join the NSS Leadership Team — Apply by December 9

The leadership solicitation by the NSS Leadership Search Committee back in August focused on finding qualified individuals for possible officer positions.  With the Officer election now over, we are now focusing our attention on open committee positions (both voting member and Chair positions).

The newly elected NSS Officers have 30 days to nominate their committee members and chairs.  We would like to give those NSS members who missed the last deadline another chance to submit their resumes, while we continue to process the ones received.  Our goal is to engage every interested NSS member at some level in Society activities.

The National Space Society (NSS) is an open, democratic, grassroots organization where its members are directly involved in NSS operations and thus help shape the future.  You are not only the heart and soul, but the legs and arms, of the NSS.  Apply now to become an active part of the Space Movement via any of our various committee positions.  We want you to be a part of the NSS leadership team.  Help make the future happen.

NSS operating committees and their overseeing Officers work as necessary with staff, volunteers, Chapters, and contract services to further the Vision, Mission, and Objectives of the Society, as outlined in the Strategic Plan and related corporate documents.

In order to ensure that the Society finds the best people to join the NSS Leadership Team, the NSS Executive Committee has established a 2012 Leadership Search Committee.  Its purpose is to seek out, from throughout the community of NSS members and those who share our vision, those individuals with the qualifications, abilities, and desire to serve a two-year term as an Operating Committee Member or Chair.

This is your chance to join the leadership of NSS and shape the future of space settlement!

The Leadership Search Committee is seeking volunteer candidates with the time, talent, and motivation to serve as a member, Secretary, or Chair on one or more of the following committees.  Please review the committee descriptions to ensure that one or more meets your interests:

(Please check back with these descriptions periodically, as efforts are being made to supplement the basic descriptions with additional background information.)

NSS Committee members and Chairs are unpaid, volunteer positions, serving two-year terms.  Most positions come with voting privileges.  Some out-of-pocket expenses for volunteer leaders may be tax deductible.  See IRS Publication 526 for more details.

If you are motivated to become a part of the exciting new developments in space and have the right stuff to help make NSS the premier voice for space advocates and enthusiasts, then now is the time to join the NSS leadership team!

Please send a resume or bio and cover letter or message listing position(s) of interest to the email address by Sunday, December 9.

If you replied to the previous solicitation, you do not need to do so again.  Most of you have been contacted by at least one NSS leader and many of you are already engaged in our orientation meetings.  If you have not yet received sufficient correspondence from us, please send us a reminder note to

Note for existing NSS volunteers:  Feel free to use this soliciation to supplement the knowledge we have from your years of service to the Society.  There is a good chance that you have more skills and interests than we know about, especially if you have an interest in expanding your horizons and serving the Society in a different capacity.  What makes the NSS great is its ability to help members to grow into leaders of the space movement.

Thank you for all you do to advance the space movement.  Ad Astra!

The NSS 2012 Leadership Search Committee