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National Space Society Notes Gingrich Vision for Space - Calls on Other Candidates to Present Their Plans

(Washington, DC -- January 26, 2012)

Presidential Candidate and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich yesterday laid out the framework of his bold vision for America's future in space before a packed crowd on Florida's Space Coast. His plan includes a permanent American base on the Moon before the end of his second term, a robust commercial space sector, and the development of advanced in-space propulsion technologies to enable manned missions to Mars. Gingrich also advocated devoting 10% of the NASA budget to prizes aimed at spurring on the nation's competitive, entrepreneurial spirit to meet these goals.

"We at the National Space Society (NSS) are pleased to hear one of the Presidential candidates present his plan for space," said NSS Executive Director Paul E. Damphousse. "We hope this is the first of many such plans and call on the other candidates to present their own strategies to advance the nation's space programs and commercial space sector."

Gingrich's plan contained many details that align with NSS goals, including the use of multiple launch vehicles for multiple customers, improvements to the Space Coast's range infrastructure to make it more responsive to increased launch rates, and tax incentives for those entities choosing to compete for the proposed prizes. Gingrich says that "grandiose" space plans will serve to excite and encourage our young people to study math, science, and engineering, goals that are shared by the NSS.

"This is a critical time for our future in space," Damphousse said. "The American people, whom the NSS represent, expect our leaders to advance our common goals in space - as an independent voice we look forward to working with each of the candidates and the current administration to ensure space issues are fully addressed during this election."

See: Video of Gingrich space policy speech
See: Transcript of Gingrich space policy speech

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