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NSS Scholarship to the International Space University
2006 Winners

The National Space Society is pleased to announce the selection of three winners of the Society’s 2006 International Space University scholarship. ISU is the international, intercultural, interdisciplinary institution founded to develop young space leaders. Based in Strasbourg, France, ISU holds its annual summer program in a different location each year.

Marc Cornwall Marc Cornwall

Marc Cornwall is a 23 year old Jamaican who became interested in space during his high school years at Meadowbrook High, in Kingston, Jamaica. Marc was the only student of his Physics class to choose the Astrophysics option for his A Level Physics exam — “this is somewhat reflective of the general interest in space displayed by the Jamaican populace,” said Marc. Marc’s long-term aim is to help in promoting space science education in the Caribbean, given the important space applications such as the study of weather phenomena like hurricanes and economic ventures such as agriculture. “My hope is that my ISU experience will put me in a position to enter a leading space organization from which I can further chart my path (hopefully in the engineering of spacecraft systems), and hence humanity’s path to the planets and beyond,” stated Marc.

Nabila Ibrahim Abd-El Hamed Nabila Ibrahim Abd-El Hamed

Nabila Ibrahim Abd-El Hamed, a Geographic Information System specialist who was born in Cairo, Egypt, has always dreamed of working in the space sector. “ISU is the best place to achieve my space dreams and gain high level knowledge of the space industry,” said Nabila. “ISU seeks to teach its students knowledge of all space fields, with the best teachers from all over the world. The work environment is open, encouraging young people to take on team leadership positions. Intercultural nights of different countries foster respect and provide the basis for working together as one team. Finally, the alumni network of ISU is unrivalled.” Nabila is a pioneering young woman who will serve as an ambassador of space to the Middle East.

Kirk Kittell Kirk Kittell

Kirk Kittell was raised in Lewistown, Illinois. In 2006, Kirk completed his masters degree in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He became interested in ISU through participating in Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, in which he directed the 2005 SEDS-USA National Conference. “I want to go to ISU to get an international education,” said Kirk. “I want to expand my personal community to include other people who are interested in working across borders and after doing this, I want to use my experiences as an ISU alumnus and my position as a young adult to bridge the gap between generations in the space industry.” Kirk is a promising young leader who will bring much to the space advocacy community.

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