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NSS Headquarters Staff

The NSS Headquarters staff manages the day-to-day operations of the Society from its office in Washington, D.C., with the assistance of contractors, volunteers, and chapters around the world.  The Executive Director, who reports to the elected Senior Operating Officer, is the principal administrative official responsible for all management functions of the Society, including its administrative, financial, and program activities.


Position Person Telephone
Executive Director (vacant)  
Membership Director Jill Jackson (202) 429-1600, ext. TBD
Finance Director Glenn Beales (202) 429-1600, ext. TBD
Chapters Director Jill Jackson (202) 429-1600, ext. TBD
Ad Astra Magazine Editor Katherine Brick  


Some Headquarters functions are provided by staff of the Drohan Management Group (DMG).
See also Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and Board of Governors.

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