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Alice M. Hoffman

National Space Society Board of Directors

Alice M. Hoffman is a professional engineer and project/program manager. She runs her own company, Hoffman Management Partners, specializing in managing complex design and construction projects. She was the developer's representative for Chicago's Soldier Field, managing the project from preconception through completion, finishing faster than any other professional football stadium. She also managed Chicago's citywide disaster preparedness plan for biological attack, preparing plans for 103 public centers. Other programs managed include NY city and state hospitals, a Baltimore football stadium and transit-oriented downtown development, and expansion of O'Hare Airport. In 2012 she formed strategic parnerships with Seventh Generation Renewables and Bergey Wind Power to bring sustainable wind and solar power into remote areas of Chile.

She has worked with the American Society of Civil Engineers on data needed to design future Moon bases or settlements. She has been an NSS member from its early days and is an NSS Visionary Donor.

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